RZU – Power and Reliability

We offer a comprehensive range of services. We will be glad to develope solutions for new projects and goods types in consultation with you.



The quay handling area is in Rostock and has its own berth, handling equipment and warehouse facilities. The berth is 240m long and can handle ships with a maximum draught of 10m.

Using a so-called bunker bridge, it is possible to unload up to 600t per hour directly to store, truck or railroad waggons, directly from the ship. For storage purposes, 7,500m² of uncovered warehouse space is available in the direct quay area.

Our main activity is the handling of bulk cargoes, in particular, building materials. We have also developed a good reputation in handling agricultural products.

Our long-trusted customers include fertilizer importers and dealers in agricultural products. We have undertaken a number of interesting projects with local agents and forwarders. Goods we have handled for our customers in the past include sugar bags, containers, timber logs, and iron ores.